TRS and BOA Technologies have revised the O& P ToolKits to provide the user with multiple technology options for greater versatility and more product building capacity.

  • …is stocked with 5 reels including both Low Power and Mid Power options and the BOA "S" system reel, that winds and unwinds expanding your BOA applications. Tongue mount style and Eyestay style reels plus SPECTRA as well as braided stainless steel lace options are included.
  • Accessories include multiple cable options, oversized M3 dials, open frame guides, and a wide variety of new "Click-Fit" receivers and guides and both stitchable and rivetable components expand your fabrication capabilities.
  • BOA Systems and technology can replace most Velcro® and lace technology, while providing the patient with one handed tension control.
  • A complete INSTRUCTION BOOK for the V3 BOA Tool Kit provides excellent descriptions of the various reel technologies and their applications. Detailed information on O & P product design ideas and "How To" parts installation are also included.
  • Kit designed to be used for custom product fabrication of all types of O & P products (AFOs, Thigh Lacers, Thoracic and spinal braces, etc.)
  • BOA® Technology replaces traditional lacing systems with high performance cable tension and closure control technology.
  • Allows for one-handed tension control.
  • Kit includes a wide selection of components (illustrated below) to provide you with a variety of design options.
  • Comprehensive instructions included.
  • Six-reel systems with both low-power and mid-power options.
  • Low coefficient of friction, longer life, less fraying and breakage
  • Fits all conventional hardware
  • 25 ft. long coils and competitively priced

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 BOA KIT V3 Exos Universal Power Fastening Kit (Boa) - V3 with Spectra and Click-Fit Each

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