Ankle support as an alternative to tape support

  • Protects just like a tape support and is easy to put on. Does not become so loose when exercising
  • Figure 8-strap fastenings stabilises the anterior talofibular ligament and lateral fastenings the calcaneo-fibular ligament
  • The straps can be retightened quickly and smoothly as needed
  • Propriozeptive cushioned pad
  • Skin sensitive
  • Cross over restaints
  • Unelastic lateral straps
  • Latex-free
  • Primary and secondary prevention ofsprains, especially during athletics
  • Treatment of acute stretched ligaments and chronically unstable ankle ligaments

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SKU SideColorSizeMeasurement 15 UOM
 07073-R-PLT1 RightPlatinum1Up to 19cm Each
 07073-R-PLT2 RightPlatinum219 - 21cm Each
 07073-R-PLT3 RightPlatinum321 - 23cm Each
 07073-R-PLT4 RightPlatinum423 - 25cm Each
 07073-R-PLT5 RightPlatinum525 - 27cm Each
 07073-L-PLT1 LeftPlatinum1Up to 19cm Each
 07073-L-PLT2 LeftPlatinum219 - 21cm Each
 07073-L-PLT3 LeftPlatinum321 - 23cm Each
 07073-L-PLT4 LeftPlatinum423 - 25cm Each
 07073-L-PLT5 LeftPlatinum525 - 27cm Each
 07073-R-BLK1 RightBlack1Up to 19cm Each
 07073-R-BLK2 RightBlack219 - 21cm Each
 07073-R-BLK3 RightBlack321 - 23cm Each
 07073-R-BLK4 RightBlack423 - 25cm Each
 07073-R-BLK5 RightBlack525 - 27cm Each
 07073-L-BLK1 LeftBlack1Up to 19cm Each
 07073-L-BLK2 LeftBlack219 - 21cm Each
 07073-L-BLK3 LeftBlack321 - 23cm Each
 07073-L-BLK4 LeftBlack423 - 25cm Each
 07073-L-BLK5 LeftBlack525 - 27cm Each

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