Ankle support with dimpled silicone pad

  • Relief, compression and stabilisation of the ankle
  • Optimisation of proprioceptive performance
  • Pain relief through decreased nociceptive afferent
  • Friction massage for hyperemization
  • Improved nourishment of the cartilage and more rapid resorption of effusions
  • Favorable effect on the painful insertion tendopathy and capsule inflammation that are typical for arthritis
  • Special knitted fabric on instep for virtually wrinkle-free fit during rolling of the foot
  • Latex-free
  • Protective everyday wear for weak ligaments/ prophylaxe
  • Arthritis of the upper and lower ankle
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Minor distortions in the ankle

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SKU SideColorSizeMeasurement 15 UOM
 07074-UNI-PLT1 Uni-LateralPlatinum1Up to 19cm Each
 07074-UNI-PLT2 Uni-LateralPlatinum219 - 21cm Each
 07074-UNI-PLT3 Uni-LateralPlatinum321 - 23cm Each
 07074-UNI-PLT4 Uni-LateralPlatinum423 - 25cm Each
 07074-UNI-PLT5 Uni-LateralPlatinum525 - 27cm Each
 07074-UNI-BLK1 Uni-LateralBlack1Up to 19cm Each
 07074-UNI-BLK2 Uni-LateralBlack219 - 21cm Each
 07074-UNI-BLK3 Uni-LateralBlack321 - 23cm Each
 07074-UNI-BLK4 Uni-LateralBlack423 - 25cm Each
 07074-UNI-BLK5 Uni-LateralBlack525 - 27cm Each
 07074-UNI-BG1 Uni-LateralBeige1Up to 19cm Each
 07074-UNI-BG2 Uni-LateralBeige219 - 21cm Each
 07074-UNI-BG3 Uni-LateralBeige321 - 23cm Each
 07074-UNI-BG4 Uni-LateralBeige423 - 25cm Each
 07074-UNI-BG5 Uni-LateralBeige525 - 27cm Each
 87074-UNI-PLTOS Uni-LateralPlatinumKids16 - 18cm Each

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