Textile foot lift orthosis for dynamic compensation of flaccid paralysis

  • Supports the foot up and improves the gait
  • Proprioceptive effects and correction of supination and plantar flexion
  • Stabilizes the ankle joint and prevents sprains
  • Application with velcro
  • One-hand application using a finger loop
  • Crossover elastic restraints
  • Non-elastic lateral restraints
  • Personal paralyses all degrees of intensity, especially mild to moderate foot and toe lift paralysis (degree of strength 2–4)

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SKU SideColorSizeMeasurement 15 UOM
 07077-R-BLK1 RightBlack1Up to 19cm Each
 07077-R-BLK2 RightBlack219 - 21cm Each
 07077-R-BLK3 RightBlack321 - 23cm Each
 07077-R-BLK4 RightBlack423 - 25cm Each
 07077-R-BLK5 RightBlack525 - 27cm Each
 07077-L-BLK1 LeftBlack1Up to 19cm Each
 07077-L-BLK2 LeftBlack219 - 21cm Each
 07077-L-BLK3 LeftBlack321 - 23cm Each
 07077-L-BLK4 LeftBlack423 - 25cm Each
 07077-L-BLK5 LeftBlack525 - 27cm Each
 07077-R-BG1 RightBeige1Up to 19cm Each
 07077-R-BG2 RightBeige219 - 21cm Each
 07077-R-BG3 RightBeige321 - 23cm Each
 07077-R-BG4 RightBeige423 - 25cm Each
 07077-R-BG5 RightBeige525 - 27cm Each
 07077-L-BG1 LeftBeige1Up to 19cm Each
 07077-L-BG2 LeftBeige219 - 21cm Each
 07077-L-BG3 LeftBeige321 - 23cm Each
 07077-L-BG4 LeftBeige423 - 25cm Each
 07077-L-BG5 LeftBeige525 - 27cm Each

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