Ankle brace with laces and figure of 8-strap fastenings

  • Stabilisation of the ankle in inversion and eversion
  • Limitation from talus prolapse and overturning
  • Free movement in plantar flexion and dorsal extension
  • Protects from pressure irritations in the area of achilles tendon
  • The construction with laces and figure of 8-strap fastenings fits in the casual shoes
  • Medial and lateral flexible thermoplastic material reinforcements
  • Stretching of the achilles tendon
  • Chronic ankle joint instability
  • Primary arthroses of the ankle joint
  • Secondary arthroses of the ankle joint
  • Prevention of recurrence of ligament rupture

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SKU SideColorSizeMale SizeFemale Size UOM
 07820-UNI-BLK2 Uni-LateralBlack24.5 -6.56.5 - 7.5 Each
 07820-UNI-BLK3 Uni-LateralBlack37.59.5 Each
 07820-UNI-BLK4 Uni-LateralBlack48.5 - 1010 - 11 Each
 07820-UNI-BLK5 Uni-LateralBlack510.5 - 11.5NA Each
 07820-UNI-BLK6 Uni-LateralBlack612NA Each
 07820-UNI-BLK7 Uni-LateralBlack713 - 14NA Each

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