Wrist brace with thumb splint

  • Stabilisation of the thumb in a functional position, and partial immobilisation through thumb fringe
  • Hand maintains gripping function
  • Relieves strain on the wrist joint, joint capsule, and ligaments
  • Design conform to the body
  • Anatomically pre-formed
  • Individually adjustable dorsal and volar reinforcement splints
  • Inelastic velcro for adjustable fixation of the circular strap
  • Easy application
  • Arthrosis of the radial (thumb side) parts of the wrist
  • Arthrosis, distortions, ulnarcollateral ligament lesion of the thumb joint
  • Painful changes in the scaphoid bone (arthritis, SNAC wrist)
  • Radial instability of the wrist, expecially between the scaphoid bone and the trapezium/small bone
  • Pheripheral radial nerve paralysis associated with wrist drop and impaired abduction function of the thumb

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SKU SideColorSizeMeasurement 5 UOM
 07640-R-PLT1 RightPlatinum1Up to 15cm Each
 07640-R-PLT2 RightPlatinum215 - 17cm Each
 07640-R-PLT3 RightPlatinum317 - 19cm Each
 07640-R-PLT4 RightPlatinum419 - 22 Each
 07640-R-PLT5 RightPlatinum5Above 22cm Each
 07640-L-PLT1 LeftPlatinum1Up to 15cm Each
 07640-L-PLT2 LeftPlatinum215 - 17cm Each
 07640-L-PLT3 LeftPlatinum317 - 19cm Each
 07640-L-PLT4 LeftPlatinum419 - 22 Each
 07640-L-PLT5 LeftPlatinum5Above 22cm Each
 07640-R-BLK1 RightBlack1Up to 15cm Each
 07640-R-BLK2 RightBlack215 - 17cm Each
 07640-R-BLK3 RightBlack317 - 19cm Each
 07640-R-BLK4 RightBlack419 - 22 Each
 07640-R-BLK5 RightBlack5Above 22cm Each
 07640-L-BLK1 LeftBlack1Up to 15cm Each
 07640-L-BLK2 LeftBlack215 - 17cm Each
 07640-L-BLK3 LeftBlack317 - 19cm Each
 07640-L-BLK4 LeftBlack419 - 22 Each
 07640-L-BLK5 LeftBlack5Above 22cm Each
 07640-R-BG1 RightBeige1Up to 15cm Each
 07640-R-BG2 RightBeige215 - 17cm Each
 07640-R-BG3 RightBeige317 - 19cm Each
 07640-R-BG4 RightBeige419 - 22 Each
 07640-R-BG5 RightBeige5Above 22cm Each
 07640-L-BG1 LeftBeige1Up to 15cm Each
 07640-L-BG2 LeftBeige215 - 17cm Each
 07640-L-BG3 LeftBeige317 - 19cm Each
 07640-L-BG4 LeftBeige419 - 22 Each
 07640-L-BG5 LeftBeige5Above 22cm Each

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