With volar reinforcement splint

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Inflammations of synovial sheath of the tendon
  • Post cast extraction
  • Severe distortions
  • Strain arthropies with or without incongruences
  • Arthrosis of the wrist

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SKU SideColorSizeMeasurement 5 UOM
 07033-R-BG1 RightBeige1Up to 15cm Each
 07033-R-BG2 RightBeige215 - 17cm Each
 07033-R-BG3 RightBeige317 - 19cm Each
 07033-R-BG4 RightBeige419 - 22 Each
 07033-R-BG5 RightBeige5Above 22cm Each
 07033-L-BG1 LeftBeige1Up to 15cm Each
 07033-L-BG2 LeftBeige215 - 17cm Each
 07033-L-BG3 LeftBeige317 - 19cm Each
 07033-L-BG4 LeftBeige419 - 22 Each
 07033-L-BG5 LeftBeige5Above 22cm Each

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