Elbow bandage – like EPIDYN®, but with an additional circular band for local strain relief

  • Strain relief of inflammatory modified tendons at epicondyle
  • Fine adjustable velcro closures
  • Relief and compression of the elbow
  • Friction massage
  • Pain relief
  • Accelerated absorption of effusion through blood circulation
  • Improvement of alimentation for cartilage
  • Medial and lateral incorporated silicone friction pad
  • Optimal fit through special knitted technique
  • Latex-free
  • Epicondylitis
  • Tendonopathy
  • Arthritis of the elbow
  • Epicondylopathie from arthrosis
  • Ligament insufficiency
  • Elbow distortion
  • Irritation after operations, fractures, and rheumatic elbow effusions

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SKU SideColorSizeMeasurement 3 UOM
 07515-UNI-PLT1 Uni-LateralPlatinum1Up to 26cm Each
 07515-UNI-PLT2 Uni-LateralPlatinum226 - 28cm Each
 07515-UNI-PLT3 Uni-LateralPlatinum328 - 30cm Each
 07515-UNI-PLT4 Uni-LateralPlatinum430 - 32cm Each
 07515-UNI-PLT5 Uni-LateralPlatinum5Above 32cm Each

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