Shoulder/upper arm fixation for early functional treatment

  • Fast and gentle application
  • Seperate forearm sling opening without removing shoulder brace
  • Aillary freedom optimizes body hygiene and comfort when wearing
  • Dimpled silicone pad, cold/hot pad, and forearm sling
  • Stabilisation and functional command of shoulder
  • Secure fixing of arm by forearm sling
  • For early physical therapy post-operative treatment
  • Silicone insert for friction massage on muscle trigger points
  • Cold/hot pad for pain and oedema reduction
  • Active and passive exercise of hand, wrist and ellbow
  • Follow-up treatment after shoulder luxation, or sub-luxation
  • Distorsion, contusion
  • Immobilisation for various upper arm fractures
  • Post shoulder blade fracture
  • Follow-up treatment for rotator cuff injuries
  • Shoulder bursitis
  • Post-operative treatment following arthroscopic opertations (acromioplastic, ASD, rotator cuff suture)

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SKU SideColorSizeMeasurement 8 UOM
 07262-R-BLK1 RightBlack1Up to 92cm Each
 07262-R-BLK2 RightBlack292 - 102cm Each
 07262-R-BLK3 RightBlack3102 - 115cm Each
 07262-R-BLK4 RightBlack4Above 115cm Each
 07262-L-BLK1 LeftBlack1Up to 92cm Each
 07262-L-BLK2 LeftBlack292 - 102cm Each
 07262-L-BLK3 LeftBlack3102 - 115cm Each
 07262-L-BLK4 LeftBlack4Above 115cm Each

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