For dynamic splinting of the extended and bending tendons

  • Maintains or restores the extensor function
  • Relief of the tendons
  • Bendable wires
  • Individual adjustment of pressure
  • Three plastic pads
  • Non-sliding felt overlay
  • Relief of injured extensor and/or flexor tendons
  • Healing skin lesions
  • Helps to avoid tendon lesions

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SKU SizeFinger lengthCircumference UOM
 07052-W1 1Approx. 6cmApprox. 6cm Each
 07052-W2 2Approx. 7 - 8Approx. 7cm Each
 07052-W3 3Approx. 7 - 8Approx. 8cm Each
 07052-W4 4Approx. 8 - 9Approx. 8cm Each

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