Textile brace for the base and thumb saddle joint

  • Stabilization of the thumb fundus and thumb saddle joint
  • Maintains full finger movement for rehabilitation
  • The hand maintains the grip function
  • Can be worn on either right or left
  • Reinforcing insert termically malleable
  • Injuries, tendon instability in the region of the thumb fundus and thumb saddle joint (e.g. ski thumb)
  • Arthrosis of the radial carpus and of metacarophalangeal joint 1 (MCP 1)
  • Mild to advanced thumb arthrosis with distinguished sub-luxation with or without hyper mobility of the thumb saddle joint (thumb side) parts of the wrist
  • Tendovaginitis stenosans de quervain
  • After fractures

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SKU SideColorSizeMeasurement 5 UOM
 07605-UNI-BLK1 Uni-LateralBlack1Up to 17cm Each
 07605-UNI-BLK2 Uni-LateralBlack217 - 19cm Each
 07605-UNI-BLK3 Uni-LateralBlack3Above 19cm Each
 07605-UNI-BG1 Uni-LateralBeige1Up to 17cm Each
 07605-UNI-BG2 Uni-LateralBeige217 - 19cm Each
 07605-UNI-BG3 Uni-LateralBeige3Above 19cm Each

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