Rhizarthrosis orthosis for stabilisation of the thumb saddle joint

  • Robust plastic for dailyactivities and comfortable to wear
  • High daily capability
  • Grindable material
  • Stabilisation of thumb saddle joint in mild abductions condition
  • Ensures that the thumb maintains the free movement function
  • Grip function is maintained pain free
  • Incipient rhizarthrosis with a subluxation tendency
  • functional complaints in the thumb saddle joint due to recurring malarticulation

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SKU SideColorSizeMeasurement 5 UOM
 07601-R-PLT1 RightPlatinum1Up to 17cm Each
 07601-R-PLT2 RightPlatinum217 - 19cm Each
 07601-R-PLT3 RightPlatinum3Above 19cm Each
 07601-L-PLT1 LeftPlatinum1Up to 17cm Each
 07601-L-PLT2 LeftPlatinum217 - 19cm Each
 07601-L-PLT3 LeftPlatinum3Above 19cm Each
 07601-R-BG1 RightBeige1Up to 17cm Each
 07601-R-BG2 RightBeige217 - 19cm Each
 07601-R-BG3 RightBeige3Above 19cm Each
 07601-L-BG1 LeftBeige1Up to 17cm Each
 07601-L-BG2 LeftBeige217 - 19cm Each
 07601-L-BG3 LeftBeige3Above 19cm Each

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