Bandage for treatment of hip disorders

  • Control stripes allow showing the maximum grade of compression
  • Elastic and breathable material
  • Continuously adjustable by velcro
  • Compression in order to reduce the risk of postoperative edema
  • Stabilisation of hip
  • Improved coordination and perception of the hip musculature (proprioception)
  • Slight rotated function on the hip joint
  • Cold/hot pad to support the physical therapy
  • E.g. after hip operation or replacemetn
  • E.g. arthritis in hip joint

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SKU SideColorSizeMeasurement 10 UOM
 07480-R-BLK1 RightBlack180 - 90cm Each
 07480-R-BLK2 RightBlack290 - 100cm Each
 07480-R-BLK3 RightBlack3100 - 110cm Each
 07480-R-BLK4 RightBlack4110 - 120cm Each
 07480-L-BLK1 LeftBlack180 - 90cm Each
 07480-L-BLK2 LeftBlack290 - 100cm Each
 07480-L-BLK3 LeftBlack3100 - 110cm Each
 07480-L-BLK4 LeftBlack4110 - 120cm Each

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