Baha Harness Anchors

Replaces the Figure 8 harness ring(s).

  • The BAHA, pronounced Baja, or Bio-mechanically Aligned Harness Anchor is a high strength, lightweight, non-metallic prosthetic component designed to improve Figure 8 Harness dynamics. The BAHA eliminates the ring!The BAHA improves the bio-mechanics of the Figure 8 Harness.Optimizes the harness axilla angle. Provides a more efficient cable control pathway.
  • Light weight & flexible…conforms to vertebrae.
  • Tough, proprietary polymer.
  • Translucent, non-metallic…won’t crack or split.
  • Conforms to standard fabrication techniques.
  • Functions right or left.


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 BAHA Adult - Tan Each
 BAHA PEDI Pediatric - Tan Each
 BAHA BLK Adult - Black Each

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