Cable Cleat System

Provides passive closure of TRS prehensors for appearance and light-duty carrying purposes.

  • Additional systems may be ordered separately. Specify single or double ball system.
  • Instructions show how to epoxy the cleat to lateral side of the prosthesis.
  • 1/16" dia. braided stainless steel cable, 3 ft. long with either one or two 3/16" dia. balls swaged 6" from one end. (Cable Cleat System not available in heavy duty 3/32" dia. cable).
  • Tan nylon cleat is 1.2" long and can be dyed darker.


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SKU Description UOM
 CCS100 Cable Cleat System (1 Ball) Each
 CCS200 Cable Cleat System (2 Ball) Each
 CCS001 Cleat Only Each
 CCS002 Cable Only Each

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