Cutaneous Anchor Technology by Single Handed Solutions

The innovative ANCHOR system uses a special adhesive tape and re-useable mounting plate anchors to control a body powered cable and TD.

  • Cutaneous Anchor Technology was invented by Debi Latour, a career Registered Occupational Therapist specializing in pediatric prosthetic rehabilitation. Debi has a congenital trans-radial deficiency and has worn a prosthesis most all of her life.
  • The system eliminates the contra-lateral harness entirely for improved comfort and mproved appearance.
  • The ANCHOR provides an excellent alternative to traditional harness systems. Users enjoy the additionally flexibility and the absence of web harnesses that can interfere with clothing including sleeves, bra suspension straps, etc. Lower cut and sleeveless clothing can now be more of an option for the user.
  • Patient’s typically resisting harnesses can be more accepting of this prosthetic actuation system. The ANCHOR is wearable and functional for multiple days at a time without removal. The technology is also useful to anchor linear transducers or in tandem hybrid technology (external
  • power-coupled with bodypowered).
  • Trans-Radial (T-R) and Trans-Humeral (T-H) Kit systems
  • Harness-less operation of body-powered prostheses
  • Multiple day wearing performance
  • Ipsi-Lateral cable/TD control
  • Skin friendly, high traction, adhesive mounting technology
  • Complete instructions and guidance


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