Transfer Paper - Zebra

  • Transfers are easy to use and will compliment your finished product. For best results, use our release agent on the paper and roll the paper out (or place a spot transfer) on your heated plastic. Return the plastic to your oven for approximately one minute. Remove the plastic from your oven and carefully peel or remove from the paper from the heated plastic. Pull your plastic as usual being careful not to distort the image or pattern you have applied. Client acceptance is often increased with the implementation of a color and or design.
  • Common transfers are regularly stocked items. Please contact us for particular transfers that may not be listed here. We will stock items identified by our customers for their future applications

Due to the high costs of these transfers we will not be stocking any of the Curbell/American Plastic Transfer Papers. The prices listed below are for what we currently have left in inventory. We have many other high quality patterns in stock and at a much better cost.

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SKU Description UOM
 P-1091 Zebra - 40" x 60" Each
 P-80293 Zebra - 30" x 120" Each

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