4E Volara Foam

AKA: Thermofoam or Aliplast

  • Volara type EO is a flexible closed cell polyethylene EVA co-polymer foam that is crosslinked by means of a unique electron irradiation process. This results in a continuous smooth surface foam material with a fine cell structure and excellent mechanical properties.
  • Easily thermal formable, increased flexibility, resiliency, low density, low water absorption and vapor transmission.
  • Excellent thermal insulation, chemical resistance and strong adhesive anchorage.

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SKU Description UOM
 6AFOAM18W 1/8" (3mm) x 30" x 50' Each
 4EFOAM18W 1/8" (3mm) x 12" x 50' Each
 4EFOAM316W 3/16" (5mm) x 30" x 100' Each
 4EFOAM14W 1/4" (6mm) x 30" x 100' Each

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