High quality, cost effective.

  • High quality, SBR Rubber with Nylon Cover.
  • There are other colors and some patterns available should you wish to establish a specific stock item with MOT. Once identified, we will do our best to carry an inventory for your future applications.
  • The neoprene images here are for color representation only and may differ from the actual product. Other colors are available and can be stocked for your fabrication requirements.
  • Common uses are for Custom Seating and Bracing.

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SKU DescriptionThicknessSheet SizeColor UOM
 N1009 Neoprene2.5 mm51" x 83"Purple/Black Each
 N108 Neoprene2.5 mm51" x 83"Wine Red/Black Each
 N14 Neoprene2.5 mm51" x 83"Ruby Red/Black Each
 N2599 Neoprene2.0 mm51" x 83"Black/ Black Each
 N3006 Neoprene2.5 mm51" x 83" Royal Blue/Black Each
 N308 Neoprene2.5 mm51" x 83"Navy Blue/Black Each
 N9006 Neoprene3.0 mm51" x 83"Grey/Black Each
 N9009 Neoprene2.5 mm51" x 83"Sharkskin/Black Each
 N908 Neoprene3.0 mm51" x 83"Smooth/Black Each
 N908F Neoprene3.0 mm45" x 72"Smooth/Black – Firm Each
 N316UBL Neoprene5.0 mm51" x 83"UBL one side, nylon 1 side Each

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