Screw Machine Length Drill Bits

Special Hi-Molybdenum tool steel.

  • Gold surface treated body and clearance for maximum lubricity.
  • Heavy-duty construction, 135° split point, no center punch needed - will not walk.
  • Recommended for work hardening grades of stainless steel and other hard metal drilling applications.

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SKU Description UOM
 VD87560 #5 Each
 VD87440 #17 Each
 VD87410 #20 Each
 VD87400 #21 Each
 VD87390 #22 Each
 VD87330 #28 Each
 VD87320 #29 Each
 VD87750 1/8" Each
 VD87770 5/32" Each
 VD87790 3/16" Each

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