Elastic Webbing

Webbed Elastic is also refered to as "Lock Elastic"

Heavy than the standard Woven Elastic.

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SKU TypeWidthLengthColor UOM
 ELAS15BLK Woven1-1/2"50 metersBlack Each
 ELAS15W Woven1-1/2"50 metersWhite Each
 ELAS1BLK Woven1"50 metersBlack Each
 ELAS1W Woven1"50 metersWhite Each
 ELAS2BLK Woven2"50 metersBlack Each
 ELAS2W Woven2"50 metersWhite Each
 ELAS6WYRD Woven - Latex Free6"1 yardWhite Each
 ELAS6BLK Woven - Latex Free6"25 yardsBlack Each
 ELAS6W Woven - Latex Free6"50 yardsWhite Each
 ELWEB10BLK Webbed1"/ YardBlack Each
 ELWEB10GRY Webbed1"/ YardGray Each
 ELWEB10W Webbed1"/ YardWhite Each
 ELWEB15W Webbed1.5"/ YardWhite Each
 ELWEB20GRY Webbed2"/ YardGray Each

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