Truss Nuts and Screws

Nuts with and without grippers

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SKU TypeTPIHead DiamBarrel DiamGripperLength UOM
 F11661 Screw6-323/8"--3/16" Each
 F11662 Screw6-323/8"--1/4" Each
 F11663 Screw6-323/8"--5/16" Each
 F11664 Screw6-323/8"--3/8" Each
 F11361 SS T Nut6-323/8"0.187No3/16" Each
 F11362 SS T Nut6-323/8"0.187No1/4" Each
 F11363 SS T Nut6-323/8"0.187No5/16" Each
 F11364 SS T Nut6-323/8"0.187No3/8" Each
 F11365 SS T Nut6-323/8"0.187No1/2" Each
 F13361 SS T Nut6-323/8"0.187Yes3/16" Each
 F13362 SS T Nut6-323/8"0.187Yes1/4" Each
 F13363 SS T Nut6-323/8"0.187Yes5/16" Each
 F13364 SS T Nut6-323/8"0.187Yes3/8" Each
 F13365 SS T Nut6-323/8"0.187Yes1/2" Each
 F10601 Screw8-321/2"--3/16" Each
 F10602 Screw8-321/2"--1/4" Each
 F10603 Screw8-321/2"--5/16" Each
 F10604 Screw8-321/2"--3/8" Each
 F10605 Screw8-321/2"--1/2" Each
 F11101 SS T Nut8-323/8"0.201No3/16" Each
 F11102 SS T Nut8-323/8"0.201No1/4" Each
 F11103 SS T Nut8-323/8"0.201No5/16" Each
 F11104 SS T Nut8-323/8"0.201No3/8" Each
 F11105 SS T Nut8-323/8"0.201No1/2" Each
 F10001 SS T Nut8-321/2"0.248No3/16" Each
 F10002 SS T Nut8-321/2"0.248No1/4" Each
 F10003 SS T Nut8-321/2"0.248No5/16" Each
 F10004 SS T Nut8-321/2"0.248No3/8" Each
 F10005 SS T Nut8-321/2"0.248No1/2" Each
 F13111 SS T Nut8-323/8"0.201Yes3/16" Each
 F13112 SS T Nut8-323/8"0.201Yes1/4" Each
 F13113 SS T Nut8-323/8"0.201Yes5/16" Each
 F13114 SS T Nut8-323/8"0.201Yes3/8" Each
 F13115 SS T Nut8-323/8"0.201Yes1/2" Each
 F13001 SS T Nut8-321/2"0.248Yes3/16" Each
 F13002 SS T Nut8-321/2"0.248Yes1/4" Each
 F13003 SS T Nut8-321/2"0.248Yes5/16" Each
 F13004 SS T Nut8-321/2"0.248Yes3/8" Each
 F13005 SS T Nut8-321/2"0.248Yes1/2" Each
 F11001 T-Nut3/8" HD3/16"--- Each
 F11003 T-Nut3/8" HD5/16"--- Each

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