Velcro Brand Loop

Our experience with multiple nylon Hook & Loop manufacturers has resulted in the decision to carry Velcro Brand products.

  • Our direct contact with the company has enabled MOT to offer the best quality hook and loop available with very competitive pricing.
  • These products are not as basic as fabricators may think they are.
  • Specialized for specific applications, these products can outperform many of the other products on the market.
  • Our staff is familiar with the characteristics of the Velcro product line.
  • Let us help to identify your specific hook & loop requirements.

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SKU DescriptionSizeColorRoll UOM
 VCL12W Loop1/2"White25 Yd Roll
 VCL12B Loop1/2"Black25 Yd Roll
 VCL34BEIGE Loop3/4"Beige25 Yd Roll
 VCL34BLK Loop3/4"Black25 Yd Roll
 VCL34W Loop3/4"White25 Yd Roll
 VCL10B Loop1"Black25 Yd Roll
 VCL10BEIGE Loop1"Beige25 Yd Roll
 VCL10W Loop1"White25 Yd Roll
 VCL15B Loop1-1/2"Black25 Yd Roll
 VCL15BEIGE Loop1-1/2"Beige25 Yd Roll
 VCL15W Loop1-1/2"White25 Yd Roll
 VCL20B Loop2"Black25 Yd Roll
 VCL20BEIGE Loop2"Beige25 Yd Roll
 VCL20W Loop2"White25 Yd Roll
 VCL40B Loop4"Black50 Yd Roll
 VCL60B Loop6"Black25 Yd Roll

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