• Acetate handles provide proven strength and durability. Hex bolstered mechanics slotted drivers for added torque and true Robertson® blades complete a line that is as classic and refined as its’ user.
  • Following the strength and design of our Dual Composite line, the double injected strengthened handle ensures users are working with a quality product with added options.

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SKU TypeSizeHandle Type UOM
 SIG50301 Flat Round Shank/Stubby1/4" x 1-1/2"Acetate Each
 SIG50311 Flat Electrician1/8" x 2-1/2" Acetate Each
 SIG50421 Phillips# 2 x 1-1/2"Acetate Each
 SIG50431 Phillips / Hex # 3 x 6"Acetate Each
 SIG50804 Robertson Stubby#2 x 1-1/2"Acetate Each
 SIG50800 Robertson# 0 x 4"Acetate Each
 SIG50801 Robertson – Medium# 1 x 4"Acetate Each
 SIG52915 Flat Electrician3/16" x 6"Double Injection Each
 SIG52903 Flat Round Shank / Hex1/4" x 6"Double Injection Each
 SIG52904 Flat Round Shank / Hex 5/16" x 6"Double Injection Each
 SIG52905 Flat Round Shank / Hex3/8" x 8"Double Injection Each
 SIG52403 Electrician1/8" x 6"Double Injection Each
 SIG52941 Phillips#1 x 3"Double Injection Each
 SIG52942 Phillips / Hex#2 x 4"Double Injection Each
 SIG52982 Robertson – Large#2 x 5"Double Injection Each
 SIG52983 Robertson – Large# 3 x 5"Double Injection Each

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