Copper Rivet Posts

These posts are machined from 01 Tool Steel and have been hardened to a Rockwell 45.

  • Again, this process assures that you will have a very long lasting, high quality tool. The Copper Rivet Posts have been designed to dome the rivet head. This assures that the edges do not protrude and create sharp lips.
  • This post can be used before and or after using our anvil style large or extra large rivet posts.

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SKU Description UOM
 LPCRP Low Profile Copper Rivet Post (Tapered) - 1/4" Height Profile Each
 MPCRP Med Profile Copper Rivet Post (Tapered) - 1/2" Height Profile Each
 HPCRP High Profile Copper Rivet Post (Tapered) - 1" Height Profile Each

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