Large Rivet Posts

These anvil style rivet posts can be used for a variety of applications.

  • When used in conjunction with the Large Riveting Bar these 01 Tool Steel posts allow the fabricator many angles and height profiles.
  • The LPXLRP is very useful for riveting inside of footwear.

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SKU Description UOM
 LPLRP Low Profile Large Rivet Post- 1/4" Height Profile - 3/4" D Each
 LPXLRP Low Profile Extra Large Rivet Post - 5/16" Height Profile - 1" D Each
 MPLRP Med Profile Large Rivet Post - 3/8" Height Profile - 3/4" D Each
 HPLRP High Profile Large Rivet Post - 1/2" Height - 3/4" D Each

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