Custom Fabrication



MOT Inc. offers the following standard custom fabrication services (in no particular order):

  • Mold carving from CAD file using Vorum 3 axis carver
  • Mold carving by measurements using Vorum 3 axis carver – TF, AFO, KO, KAFO, TLSO
  • Thermoplastic AFO
  • Thermoplastic KAFO
  • CROW Boot
  • Leather Lacer (Gauntlet)
  • TOAD TAG Brace
  • Thermoplastic WHO
  • Urethane Partial Foot
  • Urethane Partial Hand
  • Urethane AFO
  • Urethane WHO
  • Silicone Distal End Pad
  • Silicone Liner
  • Transtibial Check Socket or Prosthesis
  • Transfemoral Check Socket or Prosthesis

Other custom fabrication services may be available by request, please call or email:
1-877-395-0081 or

***Please assure that you provide a completed worksheet AND measurement sheet when sending any projects to MOT.
Lack of information may result in fabrication delays.***

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